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Legacy brand in the modern world...

Creating award-winning spreadsheets and reporting tools, grids, charts, and UI components for .NET and JavaScript since the last 40 years.

Built by Developers for developers

Developer Tools

Developer Tools provides developers, designers, and architects with the ultimate collection of award-winning JavaScript and .NET grids, UI, reporting, spreadsheets, document APIs, and mobile controls. Our tools solve problems so you can focus on creativity, innovation, and optimization.


Technology Division

GrapeSEED Technology Division exists to provide and maintain technical services and applications to support the usage of GrapeSEED in an increasingly digital, global environment.

Embracing Transparency

A work culture with an open-mind mentality based on honesty, loyalty, and mutual trust.

Upholding Integrity

A work culture with an open-mind Maintaining ethical excellence and honoring commitments, morals, dignity and sincerity based on honesty, loyalty, and mutual trust.

Power of Collaboration

Embracing diverse cultures and ideas, transforming them into valuable assets.

Unleashing Creativity

Exploring and adapting to inspire and provide industry-leading, out-of-the-box solutions!

Fueling Innovation

Identifying potential problems and envision solutions to empower minds and shape the future.


Low-Code Development Platform for Enterprises

Forguncy is a low-code app development platform developed by GrapeCity. Business users including developers, can easily create fully functional enterprise-grade web applications without any coding thanks to a familiar and simple-to-use visual designer.

Users can design business processes, logic, data models, and other functions required by the enterprise information system by using simple drag-and-drop approach in the visual designer. Additionally, developers can further enhance or extend these web applications through APIs as well.



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Trusted by the World’s Leading Companies

GrapeCity is an award-winning Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and one of the world’s largest providers of .NET and JavaScript developer components

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