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Technology Division

What is GrapeSEED?

GrapeSEED is a next generation English oral language acquisition program for children, engineered and facilitated by experts in education. It’s being used by schools around the world.

The GrapeSEED program involves students participating in a teacher-led classroom where the English language is introduced and learned with materials and activities that focus not on grammar, but on language acquisition, or "'picking-up' a language."

GrapeSEED Technology Division

​GrapeSEED Technology Division exists to provide and maintain technical services and applications to support the usage of GrapeSEED in an increasingly digital, global environment. It includes multiple teams spread throughout America, Japan, India, Vietnam, and China, to advance the GrapeSEED curriculum into the future through innovation and position it as a world leader in English teaching.

AI-powered solutions

We are passionate about revolutionizing education and empowering students with the latest advancements in technology. As part of our commitment to providing exceptional learning experiences, we have embarked on a journey to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into our curriculum, allowing us to interact with students on entirely new levels.

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