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Why GrapeCity?

What do you get when you mix high technology with creativity, flexibility, and a relaxed vibe?


You get GrapeCity, of course! We pride ourselves on our world-class developers, cutting-edge products, and top-notch customer service – none of which would be possible without the curated care of our company culture. We work hard but also value families and a work-life balance. We collaborate, hash things out, build one another up, and tear down walls. Ideas and concepts are meant to be shared, and sharing only makes us and our products better!

Kartik Deep Sagar

Software Engineer, Developer Tools  |  GrapeCitizen since 2020

I believe that at GrapeCity, there are no limits to the opportunities you can get and the things you can achieve. Here, I have learned the real meaning of software development, which is not just about coding, but about how deeply you can think and how precisely you can apply your thoughts to the real world. The people here at GrapeCity are motivated and experienced over many years and whenever I engage with them, I pick up and learn something new.

Shilpa Sharma

Sr. Product Manager, Developer Tools  |  GrapeCitizen since 2008

My journey with GrapeCity has been long but rewarding. I started as an intern then moved to testing components and I am a Sr. Product Manager currently. The company is very transparent and allows you to grow, learn and work with subject matter experts around the globe. Working at GrapeCity helps you understand the mindset of developers and think from their perspective.

Shobhon Chatterjee

Engineering Manager  |  GrapeSEED Technology Division

Working with GrapeCity is an opportunity that everyone must seek and grab with both hands. Being a global company, interaction with the global audience provides the opportunity for 360-degree development. Each employee is handpicked, nurtured, and made into an asset. You receive a lot of personal attention during your training period which not only helps you become a tech savant but also catapults your career.

Rikky Arora 

Company Secretary cum Manager - Corporate Affairs  |  GrapeCitizen since 2002

What I love and appreciate about GrapeCity are the culture and values that are embedded in its DNA. People are encouraged to be humble, to respect one another and to work together as a team, creating a conductive work environment for growth and efficiency. 

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