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The Best Datagrid

A great datagrid starts with a fundamentally sound grid. FlexGrid includes only the essential vital features and offers everything else through an extensibility model. Basic Excel-like features like sortinggrouping, and editing are built-in, while the bells and whistles are optional.

The result is a small, fast, familiar, flexible grid that includes:

Full support for React, Vue, Angular, and TypeScript


Build Better Applications With Faster, More Flexible JavaScript UI Components

With Wijmo, spend more time on your application's core functionality by taking advantage of our striking UI component library. Requiring zero dependencies, Wijmo sports FlexGrid, the best JavaScript datagrid in the industry, offers 80+ different chart types, an extensive list of features, and easily extendable controls. Check out what's new with Wijmo and experience the most comprehensive Angular UI component library available.

Why Choose Wijmo for Your JavaScript, Angular, React, and Vue Apps?


Many of the most mission-critical companies in the Fortune 500 use Wijmo. We maintain the highest quality with every release so that our customers can always rely on our components.

Small and Lightweight

Wijmo components have zero dependencies and are written as lean TypeScript classes. No one offers the same features in such a small file size, and each control is a compact module.


Any number of devices access today's applications. Wijmo is designed to work anywhere. From desktop to mobile browsers, our components feature optimized touch support.

Fast and Flexible

Wijmo is optimized for speed and provides key features right out of the box with the flexibility to customize components in any way imaginable.


Cutting edge Wijmo was the first to release Angular support and support modern trends, technologies, and user requests. 


Wijmo controls are modeled after popular User Interfaces like Microsoft Excel. Wijmo controls will feel familiar to any user. 

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