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.NET spreadsheet components are advanced software components that allow professional developers to add complete Excel-like functionality to their desktop applications. The .NET spreadsheet control includes support for Excel import/export, full cell customization, an extensive calculation engine with over 450 functions and more, all with zero dependencies on Excel.

  • Deliver Excel-like spreadsheet experiences, fast, with desktop designer apps

  • Create enterprise spreadsheets, grids, dashboards, and forms with the comprehensive API

  • Powerful calculation engine includes 450+ functions

  • Import and export Excel spreadsheets

  • Develop in Visual Studio using VB or C# for WinForms, ASP.NET, and WPF


The World's #1 Selling .NET Spreadsheet With Over 450 Excel Functions

Explore the possibilities of your .NET enterprise apps with these dependency-free .NET spreadsheet components.

Why Choose Spread.NET?

A Complete High-Performance .NET App Toolbox in One Spreadsheet Control

Leverage the extensive .NET spreadsheet API and powerful calculation engine to create analysis, budgeting, dashboard, data collection and management, scientific, and financial applications.

High-speed Performance and Optimized App Size

Every platform of Spread.NET ensures maximum performance and speed for your enterprise apps, and its modular structure means you only need to add what you use to your .NET spreadsheet apps.

Code-free Extensibility and Customization with Spread Designers

Instantly design a powerful Excel-like .NET spreadsheet app with our desktop designer apps—no learning curve required. Designers are available for WinForms, WPF, and ASP.NET.

Powerful Calculation Engine Includes 450+ Functions

With more built-in functions than other .NET spreadsheets, custom functions, and the formula text box, your computing power is optimized for big data, complex calculations, and advanced Excel models.

Seamless Visual Studio Integration

Build .NET spreadsheet apps in Visual Studio, including VS19, and deploy to Windows 10 with no compatibility issues—and include Excel 2016 themes.

Advanced Data Visualization

Use the many chart types, sparklines, custom data visualization functions and more to enable your users to create the most advanced data visualizations.

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