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High-Speed .NET 6 Excel Spreadsheet API Library

A .NET Excel spreadsheet API library is a programming interface that allows developers to programmatically create and manipulate Excel documents at scale. GrapeCity Documents for Excel is a solution that allows developers to import/export, create reports & templates, and deploy spreadsheets across desktop applications.


Programmatically create, edit, import, and export Excel spreadsheets in your .NET 6, .NET 5, .NET Core, .NET Framework, and Xamarin cross-platform applications using this fast spreadsheet API.

  • Create, load, edit, and save Excel .xlsx spreadsheets

  • Save to .XLSX, PDF, HTML, CSV, and JSON

  • Based on the Excel Object Model with zero Excel dependencies

  • Deploy locally, inhouse or to Cloud, including Azure and AWS

  • Use the Templates to create custom Excel reports

  • Includes a JavaScript Data Viewer to open and view data documents on the client-side

Why Choose Spread.NET?

Fast, Lightweight API Architecture

Use this small-footprint, high-performance spreadsheet server-side Excel-like API Library to quickly create, open, edit, convert, and share Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheets using C# or other .NET languages. Integrate with client-side Data Viewer to load and view the generated Excel file

Flexible Templates and Themes

Let users leverage the power of customizable templates, themes, configurable components, summary data, custom styles, embedded drawing objects, integrated calculation engine, and more.

Seamless Excel Compatibility

Lose nothing on import. Pivot tables, comments, charts, conditional formatting, data validation, filters, formulas, shapes, pictures, slicers, sparklines, and tables stay intact.

Full .NET Support for Windows, Linux, and Mac

Develop for all .NET platforms and operating systems with a single code base. Use in your apps for .NET 5+, .NET Framework, Mono, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin Android.

Document Object Model

Based on the extensive Excel Object Model, the interface-based API allows you to import, calculate, query, generate, and export any spreadsheet scenario. With the VS Tools for Office-style API, you can create custom styles using the same elements as VS Tools for Office.

Deploy Excel Spreadsheet Apps to the Cloud

Cloud-based deployment means you can be everywhere - with NuGet and Documents for Excel, you can deploy to Azure, AWS, and AWS Lambda.

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