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A Complete JavaScript Data Presentation and Datagrid Platform

Go beyond traditional tabular displays by choosing from a variety of different presentation views including tree, card, masonry, trellis, timeline, Gantt, calendar, and grid.

Full support for React, Vue, Angular, and TypeScript

Why Choose ​DataViewJS for Your JavaScript, Angular, React, and Vue Apps?

JavaScript Data Presentation

DataViewsJS enables you to easily and professionally customize the presentation of your data using different layouts, row templates, data fields, calculations, and editing modes that are completely and easily customizable.

Present Your Data Using Views

Visualize data in your JavaScript application to provide different perspectives using the customizable data presentation options, which include Tree Grid, Horizontal Grid, Card, Calendar, Masonry, Kanban, Timeline, and Gantt.

Powerful Calculation Engine

Leverage the powerful calc engine to perform calculations on any set of JSON data. With our calculation engine, your computing power is optimized for large data and complex calculations.

Full Framework Support

DataViews is not dependent on any external libraries or frameworks, and provides full support for the major JavaScript frameworks, which include Angular, React, and Vue in the form of wrappers.

High Performance

DataViewsJS was designed from the start to be a fast, full-featured, and completely customizable developer tool for efficient data display and editing to meet any of your JavaScript application’s needs.


Wijmo controls are modeled after popular User Interfaces like Microsoft Excel. Wijmo controls will feel familiar to any user. 

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