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A JavaScript reporting tool is a set of web components used for data consolidation and visualization. ActiveReportsJS is a solution used by front-end developers to embed reporting within web applications. Major features such as the report designer and viewer components, powerful data visualizers, and the rich API make ActiveReportsJS an industry leader.

  • Design reports with our cross-platform standalone designer app

  • Create responsive, mobile-friendly reporting applications

  • Built-in support for AngularReact, and Vue

  • Enable reporting on the client without server dependencies

Full support for React, Vue, Angular, and TypeScript


An Advanced JavaScript Reporting Solution

ActiveReportsJS is a reporting solution for visualizing data in front-end applications. Customize report layouts and integrate our report designer and viewer components into web applications to preview, export, or print reports on any platform.

Why Choose ActiveReportsJS?

JavaScript Reporting Engine

Leverage the powerful reporting engine to load and generate your reports in JavaScript on any device.

Multiple Report Types

Fulfill your requirements for a reporting solution by building printable, analytical, interactive, or fixed-layout reports.

Zero Server Dependencies

Forget about back-end dependencies and focus on the reporting functionality of your client-side application.

Client-Side Exporting and Printing

Allow your end-users to quickly print or export report output to PDF, Tabular Data, or HTML formats providing the document settings.

Reporting for any JS Framework

Use ActiveReportsJS libraries for AngularReact, and Vue or integrate pure JavaScript components into any front-end solution.

Design Interactive JS Reports

Provide report readers with comprehensive data visualizations including drill-down, drill-through, runtime sorting, and other interactive capabilities.

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